Shared Owner Partnerships

This is how easy our program is!

1. Planes are divided into shares.

2. You become a partial owner with annual hours.

3. Enjoy tax breaks.

Thats it

 We use only brand new planes.

Receive the market value of your plane back each term.


Why Shared Ownership?

With rising cost all around, Aviation isn’t any different. More owners are finding success in shared ownerships than ever before. With Technology making it easier to share the costs of an aircraft.

Our Program walks each pilot through the immense benefits of our shared ownership program

Getting You into the air at a cost you can afford

 With the ability to gauge your price point at a higher value you acquire more benefits. Due to Single ownership, pilots rarely consume all of a planes potential use between the high-cost events. So, take advantage of our program, split the costs, and get the most of your budget.

Maximize the value of your investment

With a 1/4 share, you get access to your aircraft for the hours that you need.  The plane is ready to go when you are. Most pilots fly about 100 -120 hours a year. When you include all your fixed costs and maintenance reserves, your traditional hourly rate could soar. With Shared Ownership, you get the amount of plane you actually use. That is about a 1/4 for most of us! If you fly weekends or the weekdays and less than 150 per year – then you are ideally suited to share your airplane with partners.

You get the opportunity to select some of the finest aircraft in the world but share 3/4 of the cost with others. If you are a quarter share owner of an SR-22 you get a state of the art aircraft and only have to pay a quarter of the cost. Whats interesting about that is getting your 120 hours a year which is more than most people fly. You get all the same utility most people will expect from a year’s worth of use in the airplane but someone else is paying for 3/4 of the cost, 3/4 of the utility, and 3/4 of the annual.





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