Leaseback Services

Why is Aircraft Leasback important?

Want to earn an extra cash flow with your plane? Consider putting it to work with a local flight school where new students keep the plane flying and pay you for it. Leasing is one way to reduce the costs of owning an aircraft. A properly structured leaseback may help reduce the cost of your flying and earn you a profit if in the right market.

A successful lease arrangement depends on multiple factors that normally aren’t given attention to. Including choosing the right FBO, aircraft selection, maintenance, your realistic expectations of the lease, and the terms of your lease contract. We at McGee Aviation can properly do this for you. Helping you when an aircraft leaseback makes sense.  And how it works.

Terry McGee

Terry McGee

McGee Aviation Aircraft Consultant

Download the DA62 Partnership Example

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Download the SR22 Partnership Example

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Download the Diamond DA20 Partnership Example

Cirrus SF50

Download the Cirrus SF50 Partnership Example