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Yes, we Export Aircraft all over, and done Properly

McGee Aviation is your export solution. There are several critical items in finding a trust-worthy partner to find the right plane, confirm the pre-buy and ship the plane in a dependable manner. McGee Aviation has the turn-key solution to get your dream bird out of one country and ready to fly in another. Call today for more details.

According to Worldatlas.com “The United States exported about $131.1 Billion USD on aerospace products in 2015. The aircraft and spacecraft industries remain the fastest growing industry in the US today.” General Aviation continues to be a growing part of exports. 

What are the proper procedures for exporting aircraft from the United States? Export certificates of airworthiness, clearing customs, protecting yourself by using an escrow service, aircraft deregistration, and many other important considerations are discussed. Its not simple to say the least, but we continue to dominate our clients requests for getting their Airplane where it needs to go.


Here is some more information about Exporting Aircraft from the FAA website: 
Aircraft Certification Export an Aircraft. 
Terry McGee

Terry McGee

McGee Aviation Aircraft Consultant

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