Aviation Consulting Services

Why you need an aviation consultant.

The benefits of having a personal consultant before purchasing your next aircraft.

Aviation consultants are experts in the aviation industry, and can provide a variety of benefits to those looking to buy an aircraft.

Some of these benefits include:

– Expert advice on all aspects of aircraft purchase and ownership

– Guidance through the complex process of buying or selling an aircraft

– Assistance with negotiations for the best price and terms

– Support with financing and insurance options


Being able to navigate all the complicated questions of how to offset expenses the most valuable way, and finding the most effective travel solutions at the same time makes all the difference in the world when approaching aviation.


What are the ways an aviation consultant will help you?

– Aviation consultants can help you identify the best aircraft for your needs based on your budget and operating requirements.

– They can also help you evaluate various options for purchasing an aircraft, including leasing or buying outright.

– A good aviation consultant will be able to generate revenue for you through partnerships and alliances, which can make the purchase of an aircraft more affordable.

– They can provide legal advice on transactions and help ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

– aviation consultants also provide reporting and analysis to help keep you informed of your aircraft’s performance.


How to buy a jet

If you frequently travel for business, at some point owning your own private jet has probably entered your thoughts. The dream might have solidified while flying on a commercial flight, surrounded by the peace of mind that comes with having staff dedicated to meeting your every need. Now is a great time to buy a jet–and the process of aircraft acquisition is much simpler than people may realize. Experts in the aviation industry will tell you that if you fly frequently, it may be more cost-effective to buy a private jet. You may travel often for work meetings or conferences, which makes having a company aircraft very convenient.

Purchasing a jet as a partnership

One option that many people are interested in is fractional ownership, this means owning a share of an aircraft and sharing the costs and responsibilities with other individuals. There are many benefits to this option, including convenience, cost-effectiveness, and safety.

An Investment

There are also benefits to purchasing a jet as a business investment option.

Having your own aircraft can save you time and money, and ensure that you travel in style and comfort. Aircraft can also increase the value of a company’s brand.


Finding the best consultant for you.

Owning your own private jet has probably crossed your mind if you frequently travel for business. The process of aircraft acquisition is simpler than people may realize, but without the direction a professional consultant can give you there are a lot of costly mistakes that can be made. A Professional aviation consultant can help you evaluate whether purchasing a jet is the best option for you. Avoiding the most common mistakes when purchasing an aircraft will be crucial for your longterm use of your investment.

The right consultant will have direct access to the largest aircraft platforms. Being completely comfortable navigating the current aviation market and familiar with how these aircraft purchasing platforms work is crucial to getting the best consultant.

Platforms that McGee Aviation is familiar with




JetNet global

When you choose McGee Aviation for your Aviation consultant for your next aircraft purchase you get direct access to all this and more aircraft brokering experience that all of our customers have come to depend on with all of our other Aviation Services.

Terry McGee

Terry McGee

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