What is a good Aircraft Broker?


One with a proper Seller’s perspective

What every Aircraft Seller should know

  • How to understand the buyer
  • How to protect yourself in a sale.
  • How to price the aircraft appropriately.
  • the best marketing strategy for your plane.

And an experienced Buyer’s Perspective

What every aircraft buyer should be looking for

  • Has it had an engine overhaul- What type?
  • Does the airframe have corrosion?
  • Are there any NTSB Records or other damage history?
  • How complete are the aircraft logbooks?
  • How to evaluate a “fixer.”
  • How to evaluate what type of aircraft will fit your needs.

So, how can McGee Aviation Help?


What we do for your buyers and our sellers

  • We guide you through the entire sale or purchase
  • Our listing and marketing process makes the sale smoother, easier and quicker
  • Expedite finding the right buyer or seller.
  • Essentials of a good Inspection, Escrow closing, delivery and transition flights.
McGee Aviation successfully works in collaboration with the local Conroe, Texas and CFI market. We produce Global buyers and sellers for an international audience. 

In a timely manner, we professionally match Aircraft to your specifications. Allowing you to concentrate on your business, leaving the important details of market research, contracting, negotiating, marketing to us.

Whether buying, selling or leasing a new or pre-owned aircraft, McGee Aviation is committed to providing superior customer service. And creating mutually beneficial long-term customer relationships. Our private aircraft sales professionals have a wide range of experience in the industry and understand how to best price and position your aircraft.  As experts, we will analyze your private aircraft.  With over 10 years of experience comparing each airplane to current and historical sales as well as accepted industry pricing data amongst other things to determine the right price.

With our technical advisors on your side, you can rest assured that your interests will be represented during the inspections as well as the purchase.  With our experience and up-to-date knowledge of sales trends and market fluctuations, you can be confident that you will receive the best possible value for your Aircraft.

Terry McGee

Terry McGee

McGee Aviation Aircraft Consultant

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