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August , 2017




Conroe, Texas

At McGee Aviation we are proud of the job we do for our customers around the world. Here in Texas we are able to buy, and sell the best aircraft. Although these vast markets change constantly, there are a few things that stay the same;

-Customers want respect

-They want the perfect airplane.

When it comes to buying or selling, we have the history of getting results.

Diamond Aircraft DA62
Photograph by Diamond Aircraft

How Beneficial is having an Experienced broker?


Purchasing an aircraft is far more challenging than selling one. When someone sells you an aircraft, you also buy the problems unwittingly. You get stuck with these complications, and unfortunately, these can be expensive mistakes.

The expertise provided by McGee Aviation assures that the customer will be matched with the correct airplane set. From this determined set, our clients confidently select their aircraft. This process helps many owners avoid the pitfalls most amateurs make when choosing an aircraft.

Next, we walk with you through the pre-purchase evaluation. Analyzing the considerable amount of details that need attention. The challenges could become a real nightmare if done improperly. Our experience helps us identify a pre-purchase inspector. We truly overview the entire process, from the handing off of the escrow all the way through the right insurance at the end of a successful purchase.

“Unfortunately these can be expensive mistakes”


Selling an aircraft is a completely different approach. Your primary goal is trying to get your aircraft exposed to the broadest range of public possible. McGee Aviation is extremely proud to be represented in our advertising efforts with and other amazing advertisers. These advantages give us a world-class and world reaching stage to showcase your airplane.

It’s not unusual to get daily phone calls that come from anywhere. We receive calls from Kokomo, Indiana to China. What’s satisfying is knowing we’re continually getting the exposure necessary for our client’s aircraft, in front of the correct audience, in a timely manner. This exposure results in us getting the best offers on the aircraft you are wanting to sell.

We make sure we are protecting you from practices that can be challenging for the seller, while beneficial for the buyer. We make it a level playing field. Our pre-buy experience, practices, and standards protect you. Not exposing you to unnecessary repairs or risks that are a common occurrence with a less effect broker. These incidents have resounding negative impacts on you and your wallet for years to come, also making aviation less pleasurable than you know it should be.

What every Buyer and Seller should know!

How Brokering has Changed

The value of Aircraft

Every Industry changes over time and Aviation isn’t any different. After 2008 the imbalance of buyers and sellers was apparent. The vast amount of sellers compared to buyers made some extremely good prices. Mixed with the presence of websites for selling aircraft and you have a recipe for some really bad mistakes. These conditions made it seem like you could pick any airplane on the market because prices were soft and good values were easy to find.

Fast-forward to 2011 and this has changed drastically, more buyers and less aircraft on the market for sale. This means you must be quick on your feet to get the aircraft that matches your needs. This requires you to know exactly what that is beforehand. 

Technology has also impacted the rate aviation is changing in value. The late version of the steam gauges has had tons of pressure from the FAA to move them to the side and allow everything to go fully digital. The Garmin G1000, for example, has effectively put the access to so much more at our fingertips. Our situational awareness has improved, outside air wind speed access, temperature. Anything you can imagine, need, or use is available in an upgraded glass cockpit.

Older technology may soon be penalized, affecting the value of a aircraft you could purchase today. Not getting newer technology in a newer aircraft, and you run the risk of jeopardizing the long-term investment is what we will help you evaluate.

Photograph by Diamond Aircraft
You could choose to deal with the unknown in buying and selling your own airplane or choose to join all who have benefited from what McGee Aviation has to offer.

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