We are a Proud Diamond Aircraft Representative

Diamond aircraft are a symbol of High-Performance aircraft solutions for the aviation community.  Truly Embracing the spirit of innovation to advance aviation beyond the bounds of what we know it as today. Never abandoning their commitment to Safety they have set a precedent for the safest aircraft in the industry. Continuing to incorporate the latest dependable technology for every owner, Diamond Aircraft pilots have experienced what it’s like to be surrounded by unparalleled situational awareness and flight monitoring and will testify to its superiority. 

No matter what class of aircraft you are looking for Diamond Aircraft has proven to be superior in every category.



Single Engine,

Twin Engine,

or Special Mission,

Diamond dominates every Mission.

McGee Aviation specializes in Aircraft Sales and Aviation Consultation since 2008.

Diamond Aircraft Industries is an Austrian-based manufacturer of general aviation aircraft and motor gliders, which also has a large manufacturing facility in London, Ontario, Canada to support North American customers. Diamond produces a full range of high quality certified all composite aircraft including the 2 seat DA20, the 4 seat DA40, 4 seat twin engine DA42 and 7 seat twin engine DA62. Diamond uses proprietary lead-free jet fuel piston engines. The company is known to apply modern technologies to achieve high fuel efficiency, low noise, excellent performance, and safety.

We’re happy to offer Diamond Aircraft, a game changer for pilots seeking safety and efficiency. Texas is a really great market as the distance from the 3 major markets are easily manageable by plane. Diamond’s innovative aircraft like the DA62 can get to Dallas from Conroe in an hour with 50% of the costs of traditional aviation solutions.

We focus on general aircraft sales with success, providing Diamond Aircraft for pilots all around the world. The domestic market is strong currently and the industry is in an innovative phase again. The next few years will be very interesting as new technology and power plants start to be available. Our involvement in Diamond Aircraft Sales have been throughout the entire state of Texas and we are proud to make the positive impact we have seen here in the Texas Area.

For more information on Diamond Aircraft and the solutions provided with these amazing aircraft call us today!


The ultimate flying machine – speed, style and space for 7


Capable and Safe


Sporty, Sleek, Exciting


Our High-Performance Single, is a Twin


A benchmark in luxury, comfort, and economy in General Aviation

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