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Conroe, Texas

Pegasus Pilot Contract Services

Pegasus Pilot Services is able to provide amazing flight training in and out of the United States.

They offer FAA & Insurance Approved aircraft specific Initial and Recurrent Training

Training is approved for:

· All AMEL Cessna 200, 300 and 400 series, both piston and propjets

· Beech King Air 90, 100, 200 series, and the BE-58 series

· Commander 600, 900, 1000 series

· Piper PA-31, PA-42, PA-46 series and JetPROP series

· Citation 500 Series,

· Merlin IIB and Merlin III series

· Panavia P-68 series

· Diamond Twin-Star DA-42 series

· Pilatus PC-12 series through PC-12NG

· TBM700-800 series

· Avanti P-180 series

Diamond Aircraft DA62

Photograph by Diamond Aircraft

Training is accomplished at your own pace, in your own aircraft, and at your home base.

Pegasus offers reduced rates for large groups and returning customers. This is an amazing service for new and upcoming pilots.

Click here to learn more about Pegasus Pilot Contract Services

 Another valuable service Pagesus offers is aircraft maintenance. With over 30 years of experience in aircraft support with licensed A&P Technicians.

Click here to learn more about Pegasus Pilot Contract Maintenance Services

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