Brokering or Broke

Diamond DA62


February , 2022

We can’t wait to get up in the air, the runway behind us, GPS set. But there are many steps between deciding to get an airplane and taking off. Many get confused and make mistakes among the array of possibilities of how to get to the final stages of aircraft ownership.

We want you to know exactly what we can do to help you with your next aviation purchase. If you’re ready to get started now, this will help you. But if you are eager gather a few more golden nuggets, keep reading.

Not using a broker, seems like an easy decision, until you run into issues you could have avoided. Choosing to use a broker isn’t for everyone though, just like flying isn’t for everyone. If you want the best bang for your buck or value for your dollar, use an embedded knowledge base broker.

Here are just a few things McGee Aviation as your broker prepares for,

-Searching and acquisition

-Arranging timely inspections

-Tax consequences


-Export / Import.

You can either grind through those obstacles yourself or reach out to someone who has learned to surpass these common stumbling blocks

“What an experienced broker can do for a buyer is what a sounding board does for an instrument.”

What to expect from McGee Aviation is an amazing Rolodex, along with good path and procedure for each buyer. Predictable expectations are broken down into a series of steps from the beginning to the finish line. Trusting our integrity is something you’ll never forget. Our history shows we’re not one to take advantage of others good intentions.

Avoiding Expensive mistakes when making the big decisions


The need for professional advice is more apparent than ever in a big purchase decision. An aircraft becomes a point of frustration because professional consulting wasn’t considered. It becomes obvious when it doesn’t satisfy the owner’s long-term needs. In one instance, we intervened with an owner who had a complaint with his plane less than 3 months after the purchase, most often this tension emerges in less than a year’s time. McGee Aviation will be here to listen to what you want and match you up with an airplane that will personally be able to fulfill your aviation goals. What an experienced broker can do for a buyer is what a sounding board does for an instrument.

All markets shift over time but still, we all want a sound investment. These flying commodities we purchase are affected by changes. For a dependable value, we typically want the latest and greatest. Attached to this value is a high demand. Aircraft that grace the market with these good values are quickly snatched up by brokers who are always watching. Here at McGee Aviation we are out in the industry every single day, quick on our feet for these high valued purchases. We will pinpoint the aircraft that matches your requirements, and ready for action the moment it becomes available.


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